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Papers should address one or more of the themes of the symposium. To help the reviewers, please write the relevant theme on the back of the first page. 


The maximum length for a paper is five A4 pages and for a poster abstract half an A4 page. 

Review Process 

Each paper will go to two reviewers, who will recommend that papers appear in the Proceedings (possibly subject to changes being made) or become part of a Poster Session. Authors will be notified of the outcome by 
  • 15 September 1999.
      Query to Walter Spunde about publication requirements 
  • Submission Requirements 
    • Two printed copies of  your paper for review mailed to Ruth Hubbard. These copies should not display the name(s) of authors or their affiliations, nor  identify the source of the paper in any way.
    • An electronic version, including the name(s) and affiliations of the authors,  in the form of either a Latex file(s) or a Word document which, together with any accompanying graphics files, may be either e-mailed as attachments (to Ruth Hubbard) or sent on a 3.5" floppy disk. Please mark disks with your name, title of paper and type of file. 

      Templates are provided in the files delta.tex (identical to delta.txt) and  Delta.doc (for Word). [Click on the file names to download.] 

    • Copyright of published papers remains with the authors, but in submitting papers for review authors offer their papers free of charge for publication in the printed Proceedings by D'99 and, unless requested in writing, on the Symposium web site.
    Format (see templates for details) 
    • Times Roman font should be used throughout. 
    • Title should be set in 18 pt upper and lower case, followed by authors names and affiliations. (Review copies should not show authors' names.)
    • Major headings should be set in 14 point upper and lower case with a 2 point spacing before and a 6 point spacing after. Set second level headings in 11 point. (Do not underline or number headings).
    • Text should be set in 11 point (Times Roman) in single line spacing with a 6 point space following each paragraph. 
    • Use 2.54cm (1 inch) margins all around.
    • Begin with an abstract, no more than 100 word, indented 1 cm left and right.
    • Include tables and figures in the body of the paper, number them, and refer to them as Table 1, Figure 2 etc. and add a brief explanatory caption to each.
    • Sequentially number references in the text and show a list of references in numerical order at the end of the paper. 
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