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Staff of the
Mathematics Learning Centre
1984 Fifteen Years of Service to students of the University 1999
Contact information:
 e-mail: m.fuller@cqu.edu.au
Telephone.: +61 (0)749309455
Fax: +61 (0)749306306
Head of the Mathematics Learning Centre is Milton Fuller. 

Milton established the Mathematics Learning Centre at CQU in 1984 when he was a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computing.  He has served on the Mathematics Advisory Committee of the Queensland Board of Secondary School Studies and has been a contributor to each of the first three International Conferences on Technology in Mathematics Teaching.  He is currently Mathematics Coordinator for the Queensland Open Learning Network UNILEARN Mathematics Project, mathematics consultant for the Australian Calculator Operation of Hewlett Packard, Australia and Chairman of the D'99 Committee.  He has special teaching and research interests in service mathematics in undergraduate courses and mathematical modelling and graphics calculators in mathematics education.

Academic and Support Staff
 Secretary  Georgina Pickering
 Telephone  4930 9883
 email g.pickering@cqu.edu.au
 Campus Rockhampton
 Associate Lecturer  Antony Dekkers
 Telephone  49309355
 email  a.dekkers@cqu.edu.au
 Campus  Rockhampton
 Associate Lecturer  Sharon Cohalan
 Telephone  4930 9246
 email  s.cohalan@cqu.edu.au
 Campus  Rockhampton
 Associate Lecturer  Ingrid Kennedy
 Telephone  4930 6357
 email  i.kennedy@cqu.edu.au
 Campus  Rockhampton
 Associate Lecturer  Margaret Flanders
 Telephone  4150 7041
 email  m.flanders@cqu.edu.au
 Campus  Bundaberg
 Associate Lecturer  Lynne Campbell
 Telephone  4970 7308
 email  l.campbell@cqu.edu.au
 Campus  Gladstone
 Associate Lecturer  Fae Martin
 Telephone  4940 7577
 Campus  Mackay
 Associate Lecturer Lois Pinkney
 Telephone  4940 7577
 Campus  Mackay
The Mathematics Learning Centre