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The Delta'99 Committee; Flashbacks to Delta'97
Adrian Oldknow (Visiting Research Fellow, School of Education, King's College, London) is a passionate advocate of the intelligent use of information technology to assist learning in mathematics at all levels and is a regular contributor to many international journals.
David Smith (Duke) is co-director of Connected Curriculum Project and of Project CALC, an EDUCOM Medalist and a Fellow of AAAS. Well known for work on student writing for learning, his recent calculus text is recognized by students as a readable book.
Robyn Zevenbergen (Griffith) works in the area of equity and mathematics.  She is concerned with the role that mathematics plays in education and how it can be made more accessible to the diverse groups which make up our societies.  
Discussion Groups will be convened by 
  • Deborah Hughes-Hallett (US)
  • John Berry (UK)
  • Derek Holton (NZ)
  • Johann Engelbrecht (SA)
  • Harvey Keynes (US)
 Panel sessions followed by open discussions of an hour and a half will be summarized in papers by the group leaders and published in the Proceedings
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