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Adrian Oldknow  David Smith   Robyn Zevenbergen
King's College  
University of London (UK) 
Adrian Oldknow is currently Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Education at King's College, University of London after retiring as Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computing Education at Chichester Institute of Higher Education last year. He read mathematics at Oxford and computer science at Brunel and has taught mathematics and computing at all levels in secondary schools, colleges and universities. 

Adrian maintains an active involvement with professional associations including the annual UK Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Conference, the British Congress on Mathematics Education and the  Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Mathematics Working Group of the Mathematical Association.  He has delivered Keynote Addresses at the Third International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching and the Third International Derive Conference. 
In 1993 Ellis Horwood Ltd, division of Simon & Schuster, published Adrian's book, Mathematics of Models:  Continuous and discrete dynamical systems, written with Professor Brian Griffiths of Southampton University. This book was produced in a format quite revolutionary at the time.  It includes many computer programs for the algorithms used in the text and extensive appendices on the underlying mathematical theory. 

Adrian writes the feature article Micromaths for the international journal, Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications as well as being a regular contributor to several journals including MicroMath and Mathematics Today (the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications).  He is co-editor of the project booklet, Data Capture and Modelling in Mathematics and Science and has extensive experience in mathematical modelling, dynamic geometry and computer algebra systems. 

He is also an avid cricket enthusiast!