Symposium Themes and Sponsors 
Guidelines for Paper and Poster submission 
Location, Accomodation and Travel 
Guest Speakers and Discussion Panel Leaders 
Typical daily program 
Submission Deadlines, Conference Dates 
Interacting with Colleagues; Exploring Reef and Rainforest 
Costs and Registration Form 
The Delta'99 Committee; Flashbacks to Delta'97
November 20
Welcome Reception :  6.30 pm
November 21
Plenary session: Adrian Oldknow.
Discussion Group: Holton; 
Workshops: Fuller, Oldknow
Papers: Taylor, Swedosh, Snyders, Smith, Ruxton, Pemberton, McIntyre,D.,McIntyre,P., Majewski, Kagesten, Cretchley, Challis.
November 22
Plenary session: David Smith.
Discussion Groups: Hughes-Hallett, Engelbrecht. 
Papers: Wood, Varsavsky,  Rohwer, Pierce,Parrott, Oates, Meiring, Forgasz, de Mestre, Berry, Belward, Barling
November 23
Plenary session: Robyn Zevenbergen
Discussion Group: Berry
Papers: Wood, Roberts, Petocz, Peard, Melton, Hillel, Farnsworth, Dekkers, Cretchley, Coutis, Connell, Bulmer, Broughton, Britton
November 24
Reef Cruise
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