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Adrian Oldknow  David Smith Robyn Zevenbergen
Duke University 
Durham, North Carolina
David A. Smith received his B.S. from Trinity College (1958) and Ph.D. from Yale (1963). He is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Duke, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1962.  He is the author or co-author of 
  Interface: Calculus and the Computer (2nd ed., Saunders, 1984) 
 Calculus: Modeling and Application (Houghton Mifflin, 1996), 
other textbooks and instructional materials, many papers in abstract algebra, combinatorics, mathematical psychology, numerical analysis, and mathematics education and is a past or present member of editorial boards for 
     The College Mathematics Journal  
     Mathematics Magazine  
     MAA Notes series  
     UME Trends  
     Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 

David is co-Director (with Lawrence Moore) of the Connected Curriculum Project, which is developing a World Wide Web library of modular, interactive laboratory materials for lower division mathematics. CCP is currently supported by the National Science Foundation

Together with Lawrence Moore he is also co-director of Project CALC: Calculus As a Laboratory Course (previously supported by the National Science Foundation). Project CALC has developed a new curriculum for calculus instruction based on 

  • laboratory experiments
  •  real-world applications 
  • discovery learning
  • writing and revision of writing 
  •  high expectations of students 
  • The Project CALC laboratory materials were awarded the prize of Best Curriculum Innovation: Mathematics in the 1991 EDUCOM Higher Education Software Awards Competition, and the course was cited in 1993 by Project Kaleidoscope as one of 29 Programs That Work in science and mathematics education. 

    David's recent publications include: 
         "Trends in Calculus Reform," in Preparing for a New Calculus (A. Solow, ed.), MAA Notes No. 36, 1995. 
         "Thinking about Learning, Learning about Thinking," in Calculus: The Dynamics of Change  (A. W. Roberts, ed.), MAA Notes No. 39, 1996.
         "Renewal in Collegiate Mathematics Education," Documenta Mathematica, Extra Volume, ICM 1998 III, pp. 777-786.