kolobe ya naga e maatlaLocal Organising Committee

Johann Engelbrecht (University of Pretoria)
Michael Sears (Anglo American Corporation)
Ansie Harding (University of Pretoria)
Julie Hannah (WITS University)
Carol Bohlmann (University of South Africa)
Izak Broere (Rand Afrikaans University)
Roumen Anguelov (Vista University)
Paul Giannakopoulos (WITS Technikon)

carol.jpg (36928 bytes) Carol (with-the-twinkle-in-her-eye) Bohlmann hails from University of South Africa, the major distance learning organisation in the country. At work she is very involved with students at the access and foundation levels. Outside the university she is very involved with friends and family, preferably in bushy places like the Kruger National Park. She is not averse to enjoying the odd glass of wine with a Maths bunch and sharing in their (feeble) jokes either.

Apostolos Giannakopoulos (Paul the Greek) used to be with the Education Department but has been senior lecturer in Mathematics at the WITS Technikon since 1990.  He has been very much involved in SAMERN activities from the beginning.  He is married and has two boys aged 21 and 12. Paul loves experimenting with new teaching methods. He also loves to voice an opinion. Unfortunately he cannot always be ignored because he has his odd moments of speaking sense.

wpe1.jpg (4492 bytes) Ansie Harding is in the Mathematics Department of the University of Pretoria. Ansie is the creative one on our committee and is responsible for all the nice designs. Don't be deceived by her appearance - she is actually very nice and friendly. She has two daughters that are even younger than she is, and an imported husband.

Michael Sears was the founder of SAMERN.  He swopped an illustrious academic career as chair of the Mathematics Department at WITS University for the complicated sounding job of Whaddawhadda at the Anglo American Corporation in Johannesburg and he seems to be perfectly happy with his choice.  Then again, Michael, the perfect gentleman,  has a habit of being perfectly happy.  He also has a habit of bringing the committee to their senses with one single remark that he formulates with the utmost diplomacy, political correctness and piercing truth. michael1.jpg (15915 bytes)

Roumen Anguelov is our former Bulgarian on the LOC.  He is professor in Mathematics at Vista University, Pretoria Campus. He has been running a very successful workshop on Innovative Teaching of Mathematics at Vista.  He definitely has the most impressive beard on the LOC - in  fact, probably in the whole of South Africa. For those of you who have read the new Harry Potter books, he is Hagrid personified.

Izak Broere was professor in the Mathematics Department of the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg until end of 1999.  Since the beginning of the year he is Director of the Centre for Distance Education at this university.  He pretends to be the sane one on the committee and can often be seen shaking his head in disbelief.

Julie Hannah teaches Mathematics at WITS University in Johannesburg.  She was one of the founder members of SAMERN and also main organiser of the 1998 SAMERN conference.  She would have been perfect in the Hippie era wearing flowers in her hair but also does very nicely in the 2000's doing more mundane things like fund raising. At the moment she has stars in her eyes (wonder why) and she keeps the flowers inside her head.

Johann Engelbrecht is at the Mathematics Department of the University of Pretoria.  He is the main organiser and is brilliant in getting other people to share his enthusiasm (and then do all the work). He is passionate about the Kruger Park and will do anything to visit there, even organise a conference if need be. .johann2.jpg (17563 bytes)