International Steering Committee (ISC)

Delta'05 Convenor   Chris Harman
South Africa   Johann Engelbrecht and Jan Persens
Australia   Cristina Varsavsky and Patricia Cretchley
New Zealand   Derek Holton and Ivan Reilly
Uruguay   Victor Luaces
Northern Hemisphere   Deborah Hughes-Hallett (USA) and Ken Houston (UK)

Local Organising Committee

Convenor   Chris Harman (University of Southern Queensland)
Treasurer   Ruth Hubbard (Queensland University of Technology)
Assistant Treasurer   Christine McDonald (University of Southern Queensland)
Webmaster   Michael Bulmer (University of Queensland)
Committee   Patricia Cretchley (University of Southern Queensland)
  Marg Flanders (Central Queensland University)

Programme & Publications Committee

Chair   Michael Bulmer (University of Queensland)
Committee   Helen MacGillivray (Queensland University of Technology)
  Cristina Varsavsky (Monash University)