Local Information

Delta '05 is being held on the World Heritage listed Fraser Island, at the Kingfisher Bay Resort & Village.

For information about the island and the resort visit http://www.kingfisherbay.com/.

Getting to Hervey Bay

Note that Virgin Blue and Jetstar both offer direct flights to Hervey Bay ("Fraser Coast") from Sydney. This may be a cheaper option than flying through Brisbane.


It's easy to self-cater, and much cheaper then the Resort restaurants and bars.

Kingfisher has a quite nice general shop with the usual tourist stuff, and a really good range of tinned, bottled and packaged foods, condiments, small quantities of coffee and tea. More expensive than a supermarket, of course, but not at all bad for an island.

There's very little fresh stuff (a few basic vegies, hardly any fruit), a few basic vacuum packs of meat, a small choice of cereals, milk, and a small range of basic beers, wines and spirits.

Fresh bread and rolls are available for the little coffee shop opposite. The coffee shop also sells filled croissants, toasted sandwiches, etc, so even in just a room, it's possible to enjoy a cheap light meal.